Luxury can’t be fun? Try us…

Who is Henri Moser?

He was our founder’s son, and he was kind of a rebel. Maybe not a natural businessman, but hey. He could ride a camel. And wield a cutlass. And seduce a princess. So you might as well hear his story…

Raised to follow in his father’s footsteps, young Henri ran away to the East instead. In the backstreets of Tehran and Persia, he wheeled, dealt, and dabbled. He trained wild horses on the Caspian Sea. Sold silkworms on the black market. Businesses flopped, but nothing could stop Henri. He built dams, he rode camels. He went to battle in Tashkent.

And boy, did he make friends… a born charmer, Henri got tight with the Khan of Khiva, who gifted him a charmed pocket watch…. And then even tighter with the Shah of Persia’s daughter, a princess with a fiery reputation. Turns out, Henri was a lover… of beautiful objects (and women). Starting with Sabres traded for Russian vodka, he amassed a trove of treasures.

Henri always wanted to create a legacy–and did he ever. He wrote books, gave exhibitions, and left a castle full of treasures. Armour and art, lacquers and fur. He left it all for the world to see (along with many broken hearts). Henri lived for crossing frontiers–to the mysterious and the unknown. And when we took over in 2012, we made it our goal to combine Moser Sr.’s technical brilliance with Henri’s sense of adventure, his eye for beauty… and a hint of disobedience.

Latest posts

The Perpetual Calendar

We are introducing Moser Maths, a tour through the complexities and ‘complications’ of our watches for both amateurs and collectors alike. Our stories will bring you a selection of unparalleled technological features that make us ‘very rare ’– a manufacture like no other.

Best of Both Worlds : The origin of our Swiss Alp Watch

A watch should measure time, not consume it. Our Swiss Alp Watch may be a nod to the highly popular ‘Smartwatch’ trend–but unlike those digital timepieces, this rare beauty won’t take more than it gives. Let us explain…

Chapter Six: The End of an Era

The ‘Moser dam’ makes history, and Henri gets a bit carried away with the celebrations. Heinrich Moser suffers a loss, but sees new love through a lucky pair of spectacles. Two new Mosers arrive on the scene, just before the end of an era…

Tour de Force

We recently introduced our Endeavour Concept Minute Repeater Tourbillon to the world, but like any Superhero, this Marvel has a backstory. Now, we’re taking off the cape and opening up the complex heart of our technical wonder–from a collaboration with the wizards at MHC to the workings of a subtly balanced soundbox, this is insider information at its best. So get your geek on, and be ready to impress those ‘in the know’.

Chapter Five: Captain of Industry

In true Pioneer spirit, Papa Moser expands into new territory, and writes the Moser name into the history books. Henri (reluctantly) admits that his dad was sort of impressive.

Pitch Perfect

Our Endeavour Concept Minute Repeater Tourbillon is a real triple threat, hitting all the right notes and nailing every step. The sex appeal doesn’t hurt, either.


Don’t worry, we’re not throwing a 90’s rave… but the new Endeavour Flying Hours WILL light up your night, no glowsticks or dubious chemicals required.

Paint it Black

Meet the Venturer Concept Vantablack®– darker than a Danish crime noir set in a coal mine, this glamorous new arrival will give you chills… of pleasure.

Strength in Beauty

Our new Endeavour Centre Seconds Diamonds Purity isn’t just a Pretty Face. But this super-model with hidden depths may inspire your inner bard to new Romantic heights…

Miami Vice : Wonderous Watches in The Magic City

Not since Miami Vice have a duo this stylish–and tough–hit the streets of The Magic City. At the Miami haute horlogerie showcase ‘Watches and Wonders’, we’ll be introducing a double-act to remember: The Pioneer Tourbillon and the Pioneer Centre Seconds.