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Who is Henri Moser?

He was our founder’s son, and he was kind of a rebel. Maybe not a natural businessman, but hey. He could ride a camel. And wield a cutlass. And seduce a princess. So you might as well hear his story…

Raised to follow in his father’s footsteps, young Henri ran away to the East instead. In the backstreets of Tehran and Persia, he wheeled, dealt, and dabbled. He trained wild horses on the Caspian Sea. Sold silkworms on the black market. Businesses flopped, but nothing could stop Henri. He built dams, he rode camels. He went to battle in Tashkent.

And boy, did he make friends… a born charmer, Henri got tight with the Khan of Khiva, who gifted him a charmed pocket watch…. And then even tighter with the Shah of Persia’s daughter, a princess with a fiery reputation. Turns out, Henri was a lover… of beautiful objects (and women). Starting with Sabres traded for Russian vodka, he amassed a trove of treasures.

Henri always wanted to create a legacy–and did he ever. He wrote books, gave exhibitions, and left a castle full of treasures. Armour and art, lacquers and fur. He left it all for the world to see (along with many broken hearts). Henri lived for crossing frontiers–to the mysterious and the unknown. And when we took over in 2012, we made it our goal to combine Moser Sr.’s technical brilliance with Henri’s sense of adventure, his eye for beauty… and a hint of disobedience.

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Introducing the all-star, all-terrain Pioneer Tourbillon

Elegance meets endurance with a tour de force tourbillon set inside a rocksteady steel case waterproof to 120 meters. Accompanying you from the boardroom to the bar via the bottom of the free-dive training tank: this is your new best friend.

Chapter 1: Swiss Made.

Henri here! Hello. Grüezi! Здравствуйте. Enchanté, I’m sure. So I’ve been cast as the Moser historian, and for chronology’s sake, I suppose we ought to go back to the very beginning of this story. We’ll set the scene with my father, Papa Moser.