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That time when a reliable watch saves your life – In a mind numbing art gallery

There are places on earth where time stands still… and not in a good way. But help is on hand–or rather, on wrist...

You’re in a contemporary art gallery, trying to absorb some culture while on a business trip. The attractive tour guide you booked in advance has been smiling encouragingly in your direction as you gaze at blank white walls, glaring fluorescent lights, and large black blobs. Time has warped into a confusing wormhole, aided by a lack of sunlight and food, jetlag, and the death of your phone. The tour from Hell could last five more minutes or several hours.

You need a reliable watch to tell you whether to bear with the stunning creature’s enthusiasm for conceptualising emptiness and win a drink with her… or cut your losses and buy yourself two drinks: one for sorrow – she was hot – and one for joy – more art in this good whisky than on any of those canvases…

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Miami Vice : Wonderous Watches in The Magic City

Not since Miami Vice have a duo this stylish–and tough–hit the streets of The Magic City. At the Miami haute horlogerie showcase ‘Watches and Wonders’, we’ll be introducing a double-act to remember: The Pioneer Tourbillon and the Pioneer Centre Seconds.

Conceptual art, Moser style…

Fear not. No need to stare at a blank wall or stand under a dripping blob somehow worth $5m. Instead, let us introduce our exclusive concept watches for 2019: irrepressibly contemporary, effortlessly minimalist and decidedly MoMA-worthy… [Head-to-toe black and asymmetrical hair optional, of course]

“Once upon a time, time grew on trees…”

On the occasion of the SIHH 2019, the international fair of fine watchmaking in Geneva, H. Moser & Cie. will reveal a very rare creation. Find out more on January 10th. 

#AskHenri: fit for a prince

A royal renegade is in need of advice– but is he prepared for Henri’s revolutionary suggestions?

The Dream Team: H. Moser & Cie. X Bucherer

Buzz had Woody, Sherlock had Watson and Withnail had ‘I’. Without these fortuitous unions, we’d have missed out on some of the best adventures of all time. But what happens when two living pioneers join forces? Brace yourself for H. Moser & Cie. X Bucherer: a collaboration set to make Swisstory.

Chapter 3: No Place like Home

Team Moser find themselves in a horological mecca, a hotspot for watchmaking since the 1600s…