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The Tale of the Moser Nature Watch – Episode One: Natural Magic

“The moment one definitely commits oneself, then Providence moves too. All sorts of things occur to help one that would never otherwise have occurred…”

Are you sitting comfortably? Then we’ll begin. This is the remarkable tale of the origins of the Moser Nature Watch. To honour our commitment to making our business as ‘green’ as possible, we’ve made a remarkable timepiece, unlike anything seen before. A real, working Moser watch that lives and breathes.. .and grows. Our whole team went to work to make this possible, and we want to tell you how it came about. So throw another log on the fire (or set the central heating to ‘Eco’ from that clever little app on your phone), put your feet up, and settle in for a tale as old as time…

Episode One: Natural Magic

Once upon a time in a land not so far away, a great tournament was held on the hallowed grounds of Stuttgart. One of the world’s greatest Champions sat, awaiting his call, gazing across the brilliant emerald surface of the tournament grounds…

Miles away, Edouard Meylan, at the helm of the venerable Swiss Watchmaker H.Moser, was pleased and amused by his recent creation made from real Swiss cheese. Looking out across the green valley of his homeland, he felt a deep longing to preserve the beauty of this land, that had begun to seem more and more precarious… but what could he do to ‘Make Swiss Made Green Again?’ As fate twirled her delicate threads, the paths of our two heroes would cross in a fortuitous meeting, and a conversation that would set tiny, Moss-covered gears in motion …

The most elegant of Swiss tennis Champions recalled to Edouard his moment of transcendence on seeing the pure, vital green of the Stuttgart grounds (ok, let’s just call them tennis courts). The grass had vibrated with life, with energy, with colour… our Watch Craft Expert Edouard was entranced by the tale, and a little flame of hope grew brighter, bolder…

Edouard returned home, deep in thought. As he crossed the threshold, a great hunger overwhelmed him. He made his way into the kitchen. Throwing open the fridge door and perusing its contents distractedly (limes, asparagus, absinthe… ugh) he glanced across to the windowsill. His children’s half-sprouted chia pets graced its surface. Grass. Bright green grass was growing happily from the odd potato-like lumps… like magic! Hope flared again.

And then a vision appeared to him– a watch, beautifully engineered, carefully constructed–and yet living, breathing. A growing watch, as natural as the grass, the trees, the mosses and vines that form the lungs of our planet. Seizing a tupperware lid from a kitchen drawer, some spare watch-straps, and a selection of seeds, Edouard did a bit of googling, consulted some Youtubers, and set out on his first experiment. Little did he know, this would be but the first step in a new adventure…

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