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Strength in Beauty

Our new Endeavour Centre Seconds Diamonds Purity isn’t just a Pretty Face. But this super-model with hidden depths may inspire your inner bard to new Romantic heights…

Beauty is Truth, Truth Beauty…

… and these diamonds don’t lie. If Keats were let loose on the Endeavour Centre Seconds Diamonds Purity, we’re pretty sure he’d wax lyrical– from the cerulean depth of the fume dial, surrounded by sixty prismatic diamonds, to the soft elegance of its grey alligator strap, this timepiece could give any Grecian Muse a run for her money. With their improbable strength and mesmerising clarity, diamonds have been central to the development of watchmaking throughout history. Apart from their obvious beauty, they are often used in superior mechanisms to provide smooth bearing surfaces that protect parts from wear, and to prevent friction in the balance and the escapement. Like a crystalline lake surrounded by ice-capped mountains, the Endeavour Centre Seconds Diamonds is a real Rhapsody in Blue.


“La Beauté Sur La Terre”

How do you capture the essence of light, reflected from snow-tipped Alpine peaks? The sparkling refractions of dawn breaking over the Aeolian waves, or the midnight glow of the Aurora Borealis?  We may not be transcendental poets, but the wonders of this planet are certainly not lost on us. Our own ode to the sea, the stars, and the symphony of nature that compresses earth into diamonds, this design celebrates the eternal beauty of strength, clarity, complexity, and depth. With its harmonious proportions, dynamic curves and reimagined lines–including a streamlined dial with a new 38mm diameter–this is classic Moser, finished with delicate nuance.


Not just a pretty face…

In the hidden depths of this Blue Lagoon sits a mechanism of exquisite balance. Like any legendary beauty, its serene surface belies an intricate interior. Featuring an HMC200 automatic winding movement– entirely designed, developed and produced in-house–and a caliber with a large gold oscillating weight, guaranteeing a 3-day minimum power reserve.  The real rules of attraction? You’ll know it when you feel it. The Diamond Purity shoots for the moon… and reaches the sublime.


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