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Moser’s Heart Has a Tale to Tell

For the curious, the adventurous, the maverick or the genius– Moser Maths stories take you behind the curtain into the heart of H.Moser’s magic.

For the curious, the adventurous, the maverick or the genius– Moser Maths stories take you behind the curtain into the heart of H.Moser’s magic.  

Can you give a Moser a heart transplant?  And what’s at the heart of a Moser anyway?  

Before we page Dr. House for a complex anatomy lesson, let’s put this question into context.  The ‘heart’ of our watches is called the escapement– a clever mechanism that converts energy into time frequency, beating between 18,000– 21,600 VpH (vibrations per hour). That’s around 5 times faster than a human heartbeat…  and just like a heartbeat, this movement is exquisitely finely-tuned and must remain so– or all other systems will be thrown out of balance.  

In construction, it’s also a surgeon’s dream: sleek, efficient and easily serviceable.  We have created a unique plug-and-play technology, allowing our workshop to remove the escapement whole and replace it if necessary.  So there’s no need to scrub up… or perform any complicated dissection. Here’s how it works…

The modular escapement is a unique Moser feature, included in nearly all of our movements.  You’ll know by now that Moser is very rare– but did you know that it’s one of only a select few manufactures that produces its own regulating ‘organs’ – including our in-house designed hairsprings? This distinctive, self-contained and beautifully harmonised feature can be replaced in one piece if necessary.  But unlike the surgeon, our watchmaker doesn’t just perform a simple ‘transplant’.

Instead, swapping the escapement allows for easier, swifter servicing of the original module– with as little disruption to the owner as possible.  Here, we should really move from the surgeon’s theatre to the mechanic’s garage.

Imagine bringing your car into the shop for repair, and instead of being stranded (bereft without your beloved customised A7 for weeks on end), while the eight burly men burrow around under the chassis– this happens:  the mechanic simply removes the engine entirely, rapidly dismantles and tunes up all necessary parts, performs any repairs needed– before reassembling your beautiful masterpiece of an engine equally rapidly and popping it back into place.  And after this little magic show? Before you can say ‘modular escapement’, you’re speeding along the Cote D’Azur once more.


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A Guide to Gilding the Lily

What’s the equation for improving on perfection? If you’ve joined us before on Pioneer Chronicles, you’ll know that we don’t just produce our own movements – unlike most watch brands, we also make our own escapements and hairsprings.  (It’s been said we’re ‘very rare’.)

Chapter Three
Turning the Tide – Moser and the Revival of Schaffhausen

In Chapter Three, we discover the many contributions Heinrich made to his hometown of Schaffhausen.  From miniscule watchwork to revolutionary railways, there was no project too big or too small for Mr. Moser. Not even putting bread on the table. You can also catch up with Chapters One and Two here. 

Simon Blum

Simon maintains Moser’s impeccable standards–from the hundreds of individual, unique parts to the final finishing touches. Guardian of our watches’ inner lives, he’s a bit like a conductor, directing an orchestra of components and ensuring every single piece is beautiful both inside and out.

Magic Numbers – Our Big Date Display is a wonder to behold

Quite possibly the largest display from a single window ever seen on a watch, our signature Moser oversized date function ensures that you’ll never miss the dawning of Venus’ trine with a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction – whether that means taking out your NASA-style telescope and a star-mapping app, or making a bold romantic gesture to the object of your affections.

Dress Code: Black and White

Opposites attract in our new Venturer Concept Vantablack® Diamonds. As the saying goes, there’s no light without the dark – and when 313 brilliant diamonds encounter a dial that’s blacker than any on Earth, we’re inclined to agree. Meet the seductive, sparkling beauty that’s earning a name on every circuit – from the Ritz to the Riviera.

Drawing the future: two unique timepieces created by children, benefitting children

To celebrate our ongoing partnership with the remarkable organisation ‘Room to Read’, we’ve created two unique and enchanting timepieces. But they’re not just artistic gems – these watches will play an important role in our continued support for literacy projects around the world, championing education as a force for good.

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Chapter Two
Heinrich, Man Behind the Myth

In Chapter Two we continue our discussion with Roger Balsiger– this time we cover great-grandpa Moser’s Industrial Era, a Dam good invention, and a certain ‘Outlaw State of Mind’...

Jonas Köppel

Our Head of Escapement Jonas Köppel is far from an Escape Artist– in fact, he can often be found tinkering at home after hours. This time-tamer ensures our watches don’t run wild, and is H.Moser & Cie’’s answer to a cardiologist– caring diligently for the ‘hearts’ of our watches.

Hot Dates

For the very first time, our Perpetual Calendar is dating – and we couldn’t be more proud. We’ve updated the latest member of the Pioneer Family with an easily-legible dual window date display– to keep all pioneers, adventurers, and heroes at the ready, whatever mission they’re on. Never keep a lady (or gentleman) waiting…