Luxury can’t be fun? Try us…

Does your son deserve a luxury timepiece?

What if he looks at the watch like it’s a bowler hat or monocle? The equivalent of ye olde calligraphy by candlelight with some unwieldy feathered plume. 

Obviously not.

  • You know the boy is just gonna trade the watch for a Netflix login so he can get around the parental filters.
  • Does he even know what a watch actually is? He’s been reading the time on his phone or microwave since he was a little newt. He might not even know what the hands do.
  • Come to think of it, he probably doesn’t even know how to write with a pen either, the fool. It’s type or swipe, all day erry day.
  • What if he looks at the watch like it’s a bowler hat or monocle? The equivalent of ye olde calligraphy by candlelight with some unwieldy feathered plume.
  • And will it really stop him from being late in the morning? Will it hell. It’s like he’s superglued to his bed.
  • Let’s be honest, he’s going to lose it, break it, lend it or rent it out. Kids these days, man. They Uber-ize everything.
  • Best case scenario: it’ll wind up in early retirement on some dusty closet shelf. In the unworthy company of a fidget spinner, and – the final indignity – some Pokemon cards.

No, this fine piece of luxury belongs on your wrist, and your wrist alone.

That way, you’ll know exactly what time it was when you disown your son.

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