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The Tale of the Moser Nature Watch – Chapter Three: Clock-Wise

Before reading any further, we strongly recommend you to read Chapter One and Chapter Two, as this here is already the last chapter of the adventurous tale of the Moser Nature Watch.

“…whatever you can do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now.”

Finally, an ancient shelter built to protect Moser knights from the forces of evil in ages past (Nuclear evil, to be precise) was repurposed for the new Green Age: it became, with a little love and care, a green house where the watches could be carefully… watched. Marcel himself cared for the experiments as he would his own children– watering them delicately with tiny pipettes for a full cycle of the moon.

When all returned to their home hearths for the Christmas festivities, Marcel refused to abandon his sworn mission– and could be found bent studiously over a further batch of sprouting wrist bands and watch bezels. But his determination never waned.

At last, the day arrived. Edouard, his band of knights, and their Green Dream were victorious. After trials, test, experiments– and quite a lot of wilted moss and soggy watch straps–the masterpiece was born. A watch that lived. It grew, flourished, breathed– like the hills and valleys, the great green earth itself.

It was a small but mighty symbol, of love and dedication. A serenade to the natural world. The first of many steps, Edouard decided, to making his craft compassionate, honourable, right in a world where so much was wrong. Perhaps he could not fight every battle from his bench, but he could start to change, to evolve–to grow.

It was a call, rebounding from the mountainsides… a call that echoed across the land, of ‘Make Swiss Made Green Again!’

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