Luxury can’t be fun? Try us…

Brands that turn their histories into cash machines

Let’s be honest: when brands are trying to pump up their luxe-y credentials, there’s nothing better than a long-dead founder. Wikipedia page wordier than a history book? Oh, they’re coming after your money. Make sure you’re prepared.

There’s nothing better than ‘the latest and greatest’, they say. Right until you hit ‘the oldest and the best’ – because that’s the real killer.

Let’s be honest: when brands are trying to pump up their luxe-y credentials, there’s nothing better than a long-dead founder. Wikipedia page wordier than a history book? Oh, they’re coming after your money. Make sure you’re prepared:

  • Yeah, it’s super cool that a fourth generation heir inherited such a rich legacy. What a lucky boy! But I’m just here for a watch, thank you. Not a family drama. I get those for free by the boatload, believe me.
  • The founder of the brand was a visionary genius for the time, I got it. I’m standing here in front of you today and it’s his name on the door and his portrait on the wall. Do you expect me to keel over?
  • Don’t tell me – your signature is the founder’s personally-held mantra that he wrote once on a napkin in 1786. Guess what. I am moved… when I look at the pricetag and see your pretty fable has been factored in the extortionate price tag.
  • Before you say anything else, let me guess: you demand only the finest craftsmanship from the most knowledgeable of artisans? OK… marvellous. Did you think I wanted a watch made by an intern on day one?
  • Wow, I must look gullible if you’re showing me your unsold models from the 70’s. This one’s ‘pre-loved’, you say? It doesn’t even tick. But no wait, you’re insisting they’re… vintage. The magic word that gets you beyond rational explanations.

You keep saying the older the better, but that’s not true. Let my Aunt Hilary be a fine example. In her case, the older the bitter.

At Moser, we don’t need the vestiges of time to cloak our work in mystery. Our watches speak for themselves.

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The Fire Starter

The Pioneer Centre Seconds Swiss Mad Red is a maverick timepiece, with a fiery spirit and a burning desire for adventure.

Andreas Albert

The Master of Balance, King of Precision, Artiste of Assembly. Nothing escapes Andreas Albert, with his eagle-sharp eye and surgically-accurate hands. He may run a tight ship, but his atelier sounds like quite a fun place to be. An affectionate guardian to our complex machinery, Andreas is also a bit of an inventor!

Back to Vantablack®

We’ve created three new editions that’ll take you into another dimension – with a mysterious glamour to give even the most refined of aesthetes pause for thought.

Raphael Frauenfelder

Expert engineer, true artist, mad scientist, 21st century alchemist… you decide what title fits Raphael Frauenfelder best. We just call him our Head of Watchmaking, for want of a better term. Charmingly modest, he’d never tell you what a fantastic leader or inventor he is… but we will. 

When Fumé Says It All

In 2020, we’re giving Moser-lovers around the globe the gift of Simplicity in three new Concept pieces – with a flair for fumé.

A New Era in H. Moser & Cie. History: Meet the Streamliner

Marking the start of a new era in the H. Moser & Cie. story, the Streamliner Flyback Chronograph Automatic is an unprecedented reimagining of the Stainless Steel Chronograph. Redefining the traditions of design, movement, and composition, the debut timepiece in H. Moser & Cie.’s latest collection unites our trademark codes of minimalism and contemporary elegance.

The dawn of a new era

Time at its purest. 
Coming January 9 2020… and it’s rewriting the rules of watchmaking. Expect the unexpected when meeting the Streamliner.

Chapter Five
The Meaning of Luxury – Very Rare, Now and Beyond

In Chapter Five, we talked to Mr. Balsiger about Moser’s unique identity– and his predictions for the future. From the meaning of luxury, to what makes Moser ‘very rare’, and a particularly fateful meeting with a Stranger on a Train. You can also catch up with Chapter One through Four here. 

Martina Egy

Meet Martina Egy– with her famously dexterous fingers all but permanently attached to a pair of specialised tweezers, our deputy head of watchmaking is a perpetual calendar whizz, and a real artist of engineering. Her quiet exterior belies an inner passion– much like the impeccable watches she creates. 

Vantablack® Beauty: Meet the Endeavour Tourbillon Concept Vantablack®.

If you’re a true Moser Pioneer (aka you’ve been following Pioneer Chronicles for a while), you’re probably familiar with the modern miracle that is Vantablack®. But our latest creation, a Concept design that’s minimal enough to be mistaken for modern art yet ambitious enough for an astronaut, is flying to new heights.