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Best of Both Worlds : The origin of our Swiss Alp Watch

A watch should measure time, not consume it. Our Swiss Alp Watch may be a nod to the highly popular ‘Smartwatch’ trend–but unlike those digital timepieces, this rare beauty won’t take more than it gives. Let us explain…

Very rare indeed…
In 2016, we released our first Swiss Alp Watch– a revolutionised version of the classic tonneau model known as the ‘Henri’. It contained a custom-designed movement within a rectangular case, soft rounded corners emulating the ‘Smartwatch’, and was topped by a curved-edge crystal. But this was no mass-produced gadget. Over 200 years of research and development went into the creation of a limited edition series that’s very rare indeed–in fact, it’s unlike any other. And there are now only a few of these models remaining. With its resolutely contemporary exterior and exquisite mechanical heart, the Swiss Alp Watch gives a knowing wink to Postmodern genre-blending, and champions Moser’s irreverent sense of humour.

Heart of Gold…
But here’s the real ‘heart’ of the matter: the Swiss Alp Watch doesn’t make calls, won’t let you tweet, play games, or check your diary. It can’t remind you to breathe, or measure your chronically elevated heart rate. In other words, it won’t ruin your life with incessant distractions. And it won’t let you down, either– a cutting-edge source offers over 100 hours power supply– no charging required. Ever. But what it does offer is the real thing– impeccable Swiss-watchmaking quality at its finest, incredible precision, and outstanding craftsmanship.

Manage your Assets…
Time is our most precious resource–and technology is greedy for our time. So don’t follow the crowd (we know you never would) as they lose their most valuable asset to a haze of updates, reminders, and unnecessary data. The Swiss Alp measures time, beautifully– time for yourself, for your family, for your friends– with no filter, interface or binary code. It represents the values of traditional mechanical watchmaking (and old-school connection) with a signature hint of provocation.

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