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Back to the future with the Heritage Centre Seconds Funky Blue

One of H. Moser & Cie.’s most popular dials of all time is the ‘Funky Blue’ – a signature colour that evokes a little thrill in even the steeliest of hearts, whatever the Age.

In the Heritage Centre Seconds Funky Blue, we’ve drawn the best of the past into the great blue yonder of the future. 

Inspired by Moser’s own heritage timepieces  – especially the 1920’s pocket-watches which were often converted to wristwatches during the 20th century – we’ve joined the elegance and style of the past with a resolutely contemporary finish that pushes just the right boundaries.  This time-travelling member of the Heritage family glints with modernity while honouring the traditional designs of Moser’s 200 year history. 

Gleaming with classic curves, its sleek steel case features tapered lugs and a notched crown. But behind the façade of this well-crafted creation sits an emphatically irreverent electric blue dial.  In further past-meets-present style, we’ve taken a traditional railway minute track and transformed it with hyper-contemporary white.

While the oversized applique numerals nod to the sports watches of the 1900s, their Globolight® accents draw them into today; a beige-coloured raw Kudu-leather strap features striking white stitching, for a very 21st Century finish (and an elegant unity with the minute track).  



But this is where we let tradition takes centre stage.  Our signature HMC 200 movement, visible behind the sapphire case-back, is the beating heart of the Heritage Centre Seconds Funky Blue. This remarkable calibre – entirely designed, developed and produced in-house, and decorated with the famous Moser double stripes– is equipped with a regulating organ manufactured by H. Moser & Cie.’s sister company, Precision Engineering AG.

The Heritage Centre Seconds Funky Blue is a fine example of Haute Horlogerie, both respectful and fun. Embracing the triumphs and traditions of H. Moser & Cie.’s history, while striking out boldly into the (electric blue) future. It raises a glass to the hallowed halls of yesterday, even as it winks mischievously to tomorrow. 


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