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Astrophysics for Poets: Introducing the Endeavour Perpetual Moon

Romance and science may be unlikely bedfellows, but our new concept design is a match made in heaven (or deep space). Once you look, you can't look away.

Its dial is coated in the darkest substance on earth used by astrophysicists to create telescope: Vantablack.

Nested in this galactic void is a lunar phase calendar with a shifting moon at 6 o’clock. So precise it requires no correction for 1027 years.

Whether you’re writing poetry, planting carrots, or sealing million-dollar deals, this design showcases the most romantic stone of all against a background that absorbs every particle of light. You won’t fall into this black hole, but you might develop a bit of gravitational pull.

Discover the Endeavour Perpetual Moon Concept

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