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Does your son deserve a luxury timepiece?

What if he looks at the watch like it’s a bowler hat or monocle? The equivalent of ye olde calligraphy by candlelight with some unwieldy feathered plume. 

Brands that turn their histories into cash machines

Let’s be honest: when brands are trying to pump up their luxe-y credentials, there’s nothing better than a long-dead founder. Wikipedia page wordier than a history book? Oh, they’re coming after your money. Make sure you’re prepared.

The Awkwardness of the Airport Salesman

Let’s be honest, he shouldn’t take your visit so seriously anyway. You have a five hour gap between your flights. Somehow, though, this guy is still giving you the full technical lowdown on six different watches. Twenty minutes you’ve been here. It feels like a lifetime. You’re looking to buy a watch, not a satellite.

The Myth of Your First Watch

Let’s be honest: it wasn’t your grandad’s watch. In fact, it came from a kiosk in a suburban mall your grandad wouldn’t be caught dead in.